Rev Society is a brand of eco-responsible tights founded by Aurore and Laetitia, two long-time friends who met during their studies.

Sharing the same passion for fashion and a sincere concern for ecology, they decide after a first experience in the luxury business to create a brand of tights both good for the environment and for those who wear them by combining innovative materials and smart design.

Rev Society tights are made from eco-responsible materials: regenerated nylon, recycled cotton, mixed virgin plant fibers… Rigorously selecting innovative, ecological and quality materials is an essential component of the Rev Society project. Fields of application, color ranges in certified dyes, recyclability or biodegradability: nothing is left to chance. The tights are then woven exclusively in Italy and France, with plastic-free and 100% recyclable packaging, also made in France and Italy.

Aurore and Laetitia are guided by the constant concern for comfort for all women who wear their creations. The Rev Society tights are thus obtained with an innovative design: without annoying seam at the crotch, with a wide and ultra-flexible waistband that does not slip or compress.

With an undeniable sense of style, your Rev Society tights will quickly become the ideal ally for your hectic days and nights!


Each year in France, more than 100 million tights are thrown away. This represents 7000 tonnes of waste, or the weight of… the Eiffel Tower. And tights are most often made from polluting materials from petrochemicals.

Guided by the desire to act for a more environmentally friendly fashion, Aurore and Laetitia naturally turned to this essential piece of the female wardrobe. A choice with a strong impact: for the environment and for the well-being of all women. A REV recycled tights means 30 liters of water are preserved, and -40% CO2 emissions compared to classic tights.