Petrusse, French House Designer of unique Stoles and Scarves


For more than twenty years, Petrusse has expressed his attachment to nature, to women and men, to beauty and goodness by forging lasting ties with artists, craftsmen and the world of Art.

Inspired by its heritage of ancient fabrics from North India, by its love of nature and its links with the greatest museums, the creations of Maison Petrusse are exclusive and in limited editions.

The creation and development workshops of Maison Petrusse are located at Château Mauriac in the vineyards of Bordeaux, a place steeped in history built in 1860 by Jacques Mauriac, grandfather of the Nobel Prize for Literature, François Mauriac.

The choice of materials is the subject of a meticulous study and the know-how of the Maison Petrusse is recognized in France and internationally: the greatest Museums and Châteaux call upon its inspiration to translate on fine fabrics, all the nobility of their heritage.

Maison Petrusse has an artistic soul. Dreams are at the heart of its values and inspirations. Through the work of fabrics, an ancestral and demanding technique, the House cultivates precious know-how. Nobility of materials, audacity, creativity and beauty of ancestral gestures combine to express the dream of beauty that the House has been pursuing since its creation by Petrusse Reynen in 1996. It is with patience and care that its artisans reinvent the greatest weaving traditions day after day.

From the very beginning, Maison Petrusse has also cultivated a very special link with the world of Art. Inspired by artists, she has gradually forged her own spirit, free and joyful, made of winks and impertinences where colour, tirelessly, serves the expression of dreams and emotions.

The Maison Petrusse, now directed by Florence Lafragette, President and Artistic Director, is also a socially and environmentally committed house. By developing strong links with the associative world, by giving meaning to each step of its activity, the House thinks about its future in a solidary and sustainable way. Every year, stoles, scarves, shawls and accessories are created to benefit causes dear to the House; every day attention is paid to quality, the well-being of the teams and the ethics of the partners.

Enter Petrusse's Art of Dreaming...