And if we dared...

Dressologie, it's first and foremost a desire. The irresistible desire to dare. In this World where the codes of Luxury and Elegance are finely cultivated by a few major players, we wanted to rediscover the delight of the fabrics, the delicacy of the gesture, the authenticity of the know-how. To make this desire a reality, we had to open the door to the imagination, forget the old patterns and nourish that part of childhood that whispers in our ears: "And if we dared ..."

So, like children who are curious about everything and invincible, we went through Europe to meet passionate designers who made us discover their values, their talents and their creations. All our designer-partners produce locally, in France or in Europe. Many of them use raw materials from upcycling, organic or vegan fibres. All of them are concerned about inspiring their customers to consume responsibly, focused on "zero waste" with very limited series production and often unique pieces or made to order only.

Local production in small series, family workshops, handmade items, noble materials reused and transformed into precious objects, unique pieces made to meet a desire that is just as special... These are some of the ingredients of a new code of true Luxury according to Dressologie. Luxury regained. Time regained too. Because such design and production patterns require us to wait patiently, as one waits for Christmas or the most beautiful day of one's life, for talents and fabrics to unfold their magic.

We hope that the designers and pieces we have selected for you will satisfy your desires for Beauty and Elegance and open the way to a new Era, that of responsible Luxury.

Have a wonderful trip in the world of Dressologie !

Sophie & Sylvie, Sisters & Founders of Dressologie.