baladine: wellness and meaningful jewelry


baladine is a jewelry brand founded by Delphine Beretta, passionate about jewelry who after a career in media and advertising decides to become a gemologist and jewelry designer.

The love of stones, elegance, authenticity, commitment and French know-how are the fundamental values ​​of baladine. Delphine also places the subtle encounter between our energies and those of stones at the center of its creative process.

baladine offers elegant, high quality jewelry, playing on the diversity of stones and their color palettes. Fine and ornamental stones highlighted like precious stones.

Delphine's expertise in gemology allows her to guarantee the authenticity of the stones and the know-how of the artisan jewelers selected in France, where all the baladine creations presented on Dressologie are made.

Whether you are sensitive to the benefits of stones or not, baladine creations release a soft and positive energy and bring elegance and sophistication to all your outfits.


"baladine is particularly aimed at women who appreciate the values ​​of exclusive jewelry. Thanks to my expertise in gemology, I help them choose or I create personalized handmade jewelry for them, where each stone is elegantly highlighted to make the women who wear them radiant. "

Delphine Beretta, President and Designer of baladine joaillerie