Anyone who discovers Lalide à Paris homewear is struck by the beauty, refinement and poetry that emanates from these exquisite creations.

Far from fleeting fashions, Lalide à Paris cultivates the art of everyday beauty. An Ode to the sweetness of life and delicacy.

Delicacy of prints. All exclusive, with a fresh and bucolic aesthetic, inspired by vintage botanical books or 18th century fashion prints. All the patterns are drawn in pencil before being digitized, a very rare technique these days,

Delicacy of materials. Cottons and silks made and printed in France, whose extremely fine weave gives them such a silky appearance. Calais lace and mother-of-pearl buttons made in France, naturally tanned Italian leathers, alpaca from Bolivia, the most beautiful of wools… Lalide à Paris outfits are such stuff as dreams are made on.

Delicacy of the gestures. Precision of the cuts, perfection of the finishes: all Lalide à Paris creations are made by French and Portuguese craftsmen with exceptional know-how.

Lalide à Paris cultivates the subtle art of dressing for oneself, but also of being oneself: feminine, simply beautiful.

Lalide à Paris is a brand founded in Paris in 2019 by Adélaïde, a fabric and children's fashion designer. Working from home and terribly bored with the traditional homewear offer, she decides to bring her desires to life by creating the outfits so hard to find in stores. Very quickly his son Gaspard, a “Grande Ecole” graduate with solid experience, joined the adventure.