Marion Waterkeyn: modular Couture clothing


After graduating from the Chambre Syndicale de la Couture Parisienne school, Marion Waterkeyn has gained experience with major houses such as Isabel Marant and Ermenegildo Zegna. Driven by a deep desire to create a different, nonconformist and sustainable fashion, she launched her eponymous brand in 2018.

Modular creations with couture cuts, this is Marion Waterkeyn's concept: a skirt that transforms into a cape or a bag, a dress that you can wear backwards, that can be sculpted ad infinitum. Marion's creations are metamorphosing according to your needs and desires. It is no longer the garment that imposes an outfit, a structure. On the contrary, it is up to you to modulate it according to your own vision and morphology.

Because non-conformism and originality are at the heart of her concept, Marion exclusively creates unique pieces or very limited series.

A true exceptional craftsman, she makes each model on her own. Sketches, canvas and pattern design, fabric cutting, model assembly, finishes: each step is carried out by hand by Marion in her Parisian workshop using haute-couture techniques.

Following a responsible approach from start to finish, Marion's models are all made from rare fabrics, from stocks of prestigious fashion houses selected by Marion with the greatest care.

Wearing Marion Waterkeyn designs gives you the feeling of carrying a precious object that is only yours. It’s about feeling truly unique.