Phi 1.618: Eco-responsible Maison of fine leather goods made in France.


Phi 1.618 was created with reference to the golden ratio φ (1.618) which governs the most beautiful works of nature and humanity. All the creations of the brand respect this "divine proportion" which gives them singularity and timelessness.

Phi 1.618 is a 100% French brand: the models are imagined, prototyped and made in France, in the rules of the art of the saddlery tradition to assure them of exceptional quality.

Phi 1.618 is a resolutely eco-responsible brand: the full-grain leathers used come mainly from dormant stocks in French luxury houses and their associated tanners. By "upcycling" them, Phi 1.618 reduces the environmental impact of fashion while guaranteeing the highest level of quality and durability.