Dressologie commits…

Highly ethical Standards

DRESSOLOGIE is committed to respecting people and all living beings.

DRESSOLOGIE makes every effort to protect the environment and prohibit harmful and polluting products.

DRESSOLOGIE is committed to focusing on sustainable and quality raw materials (organic cultures, natural fibres...).

DRESSOLOGIE strives to promote tradition and know-how, in particular family crafts and exceptional craftsmanship.

DRESSOLOGIE assumes its preference for the local markets.

DRESSOLOGIE supports social inclusion.

DRESSOLOGIE has made the choice of "zero waste". Promoting upcycling and recycling, reducing transport, opting for sustainable packaging and marketing are part of our strategy. 

Sincere Commitments

DRESSOLOGIE is committed to collaborating only with brands and designers whose values and commitments respect its Code of Ethics.

DRESSOLOGIE makes no compromise on quality, a guarantee of product longevity.

DRESSOLOGIE is passionate about creation and style and is committed to sourcing promising talents and confidential brands to offer ever more originality and exclusivity.

DRESSOLOGIE intends to drastically reduce transport and packaging and practice a sustainable marketing to avoid waste in all its aspects. Our added value is not expressed in opulent packaging but in the refinement, originality and sincerity of our selection.