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The purpose of the / website is to promote and market ethical and eco-responsible fashion brand products in the high-end segment. As a marketplace, Dressologie acts only as an intermediary between users and partner brands. In addition, Dressologie also offers its users to consult articles on ethical and eco-responsible fashion on a dedicated blog (BE-CAUSE, by Dressologie).

The / site is published by the company Dressologie, SAS, with a capital of 100 euros, whose registered office is located at 18 avenue Pierre 1er de Serbie, 75116 Paris, France, registered in the Trade and Companies Register from Paris, under number 879 988 368.


The purpose of these terms of use (hereinafter "TOU") is to set the conditions of use of the services (hereinafter referred to as the "Services") offered on the website and mobile accessible at the address https : // and (hereinafter the "Site"). The TOU apply to any variation or extension of the Site on existing or future social and / or community networks and are added to the TOU of these platforms and social networks.

Any adult having access to the Site, whatever its quality (individual or professional), the place where it is, the modalities of connection to the Site, the object and the purpose of its access to the Site and / or the use of the Services, is a user (hereinafter the "User").


The User is presumed to know and accept, without reservation, all of the TOU by the mere fact of his connection to the Site regardless of the digital reception terminals used.

The TOU apply, if applicable, concomitantly (i) to the Terms of Sale and (ii) to the Personal Data and Cookies Policy.

The User is invited not to connect to the Site, or use the Services if he does not accept all or part of the documents referred to above.


The Publisher can modify the TOU at any time. The User is expressly informed that the version in force is that which is posted on the Site, on the date of access to any of the Services, which the User recognizes and accepts without restriction, committing to refer to it systematically during each connection.


The Publisher makes available to Users different Services accessible by creating a customer account (hereinafter, "Customer Account").

The User is informed that the Publisher reserves the right to modify or delete, at any time, without notice and at its sole discretion, all or part of the Services.

2.1 Terms of registration for the Services

Access to certain Services is facilitated by the creation of a customer account which is a free and personal Service allowing the Registered User to benefit from a Customer Account Management Service.

To create a Customer Account, the User must complete a registration form by providing personal information, as specified in the collection form.

The User undertakes to provide true, exact and complete information on the said form. The User undertakes to update this information each time the situation changes.

2.2 Management of user identifiers

The email address and password (hereinafter the "Identifiers") allow each User to identify themselves and connect to the Services. They are personal and confidential and can only be modified at the request of its holder or on the initiative of the Publisher.

Each User is fully responsible for the use of their Identifiers, which they undertake to keep secret and not to disclose in any form whatsoever to third parties. In the event of loss, theft or any fraudulent use of their Identifiers, the User must immediately inform the Publisher. The User can then:

- Either request the replacement of his Identifiers when there is  a risk that they will be used by a third party;

- Either request the secure return of his Identifiers.

Each User is therefore solely responsible for the use of the Service (s) made under his identification. Any connection or transmission of data made using the Identifiers will be deemed to have been made by the User and under his exclusive responsibility. Consequently, the Publisher cannot be held responsible for the fraudulent use of the User Identifiers by a third party.

If for a period of three (3) years the User does not use the Services for registration on the Site, the User agrees that his Identifiers and his account be deleted.


3.1 Availability of the Site and Applications

The Publisher undertakes to make its best efforts to ensure that the access and operation of the Site are ensured 24 hours a day and 7 days a week without interruption. However, the Publisher cannot be held responsible for the temporary unavailability of the Site and the Services (i) in the event of maintenance of the Site or the servers on which they are hosted, (ii) in the event of the occurrence of events beyond its control and (iii) due to force majeure. The Publisher will inform the User beforehand of the unavailability if the event causing the unavailability is foreseeable.

3.2 Suspension of access

The Publisher reserves the right to suspend access to the Services (i) in the event of loss, theft and / or use of User IDs of which the latter has informed him, (ii) in the event of use not in accordance with the provisions herein, (iii) in the event of maintenance operations. The responsibility of the Publisher cannot be engaged due to these interruptions and the consequences which may ensue for the User.


The User is informed that all the laws and regulations in force are applicable on the Internet.

When registering and when using any of the various Services to which the Customer Account gives access, any User undertakes, both with regard to the Publisher and with other registered Users and generally from any third party, to:

-        Provide accurate, current, true, complete data;

-        Do not provide erroneous, obsolete data;

-        Not to usurp, in whole or in part, the identity, title or quality of a third party;

-        Respect access management and in particular not hide his true identity by logging in under the personal settings of another User;

-        Keep his Identifiers confidential and not reveal them to third parties;

-        Notify the Publisher of all logical and technical malfunctions that he may observe and all the anomalies that he may discover, in particular unauthorized intrusions into his Customer Account.

In the event of non-compliance with the principles set out above, the Publisher reserves the right to suspend or refuse access, without notice or compensation, temporarily or definitively, to all or part of the Services.

Any User who registers and uses the various Services associated with his Customer Account, including in particular the publication of personal data concerning him, acknowledges that he does so under his full and exclusive responsibilities, including responsibility due to the dissemination and reproduction of the information, and due to the consequences which arise for other Users, and / or interested third parties.

Finally, it is strictly prohibited, under penalty of criminal and / or civil sanctions, to extract a qualitatively or quantitatively substantial part of the database made up of data disseminated via the public parts of the various Services.


The User is informed that:

-        The Publisher implements from the Services, processing of personal data in order to allow access to the Services and their use by the User, for administrative and commercial management purposes

-        When connecting to the Site, cookies may be installed on the User's terminal.

For any information in this regard, the User is invited to read the Personal Data and Cookies Charter.


The Publisher may be required to set up partnerships in order to enrich the content and the Services offered by the Site. These partner offers would be offered by them independently and under their sole responsibility. Consequently, the Publisher cannot be held liable for any reason and on any basis whatsoever in relation to the offers thus consulted and the transactions which may result therefrom, the partners being solely engaged in a contractual relationship with the Users of the Site and Applications.

The content of partner sites remains their intellectual property. Any reproduction, republication or redistribution by any means whatsoever is completely prohibited by law without the written permission of the partners concerned.

These General Conditions of Use do not apply to the content and offers of partners, it is therefore recommended that Users read the general conditions of use and general conditions of sale of partner sites.


7.1 Newsletters

The Publisher offers Users the option of subscribing to its Newsletters. Consent is effected by a check box when creating the Customer Account.

The User can unsubscribe from these Newsletters at any time by using the unsubscribe link that the User will find at the bottom of each Newsletter sent.


The establishment of a hyperlink to the Site requires prior authorization from the Publisher. Such links do not engage the responsibility of the Publisher.

In addition, the Publisher may offer links to other websites or other sources of information managed by third-party websites. The Publisher being unable to control the content of these sites, the existence of such links does not engage the responsibility of the Publisher for the content, advertisements, products or services available on these external sites, which the User recognizes and accepts. More particularly, the responsibility of the Publisher for direct or indirect damages such as in particular loss of clientele, legal action, any commercial disorder, loss of brand image, loss of profit, cannot be sought either under the quality and / or specifications of the products and services sold by commercial partners, or for the payment operations carried out on these sites.


9.1 Content of the Services

The content of the Site and the use of the Services, protected by law and in particular the provisions of the Intellectual Property Code, are exclusively intended for the information and personal use of the User who benefits from a right of private use, non-collective and non-exclusive.

Unless express prior authorization from the Publisher, all reproduction, representation and use other than those referred to above are prohibited, and in particular:

-        Any adaptation, making available to the public at their request or not, distribution, redistribution in any form whatsoever, networking, public communication of all or part of the works, services, brands and all elements protected or susceptible to protection by intellectual property law reproduced on the Site and Applications;

-        Any extraction or reuse, including for private purposes, of a substantial part of the content of the databases constituted by the Site and the Applications;

-        Any repeated or systematic extraction or reuse, including for private purposes, of even an insubstantial part of the content of the databases constituted by the Site and the Applications;

-        Any link, access, modification, addition, deletion which relates to the automated processing system of the online edition and modifies the conditions of publication or the editorial policy.

9.2 Trademarks

The Dressologie brand is a protected brand in France. Unless expressly authorized in advance, any use of this mark as well as all other marks, figurative or not belonging to the Publisher or to third parties, exposes the User to criminal and / or civil proceedings.


The Publisher and the User agree to communicate mainly by electronic means. These electronic communications are authentic between the Publisher and the User and constitute admissible, valid and opposable evidence.


The non-compliance by the User, whatever his location, of any of the provisions of these General Conditions of Use and more generally any difficulty relating to its execution, interpretation or validity, are subject to French law and French jurisdictions.