9 a.m. in Paris: reconciling luxury and responsible production, at an affordable price


After several years spent in major French couture Maisons, Audrey-Marie founded the brand 9 a.m. in Paris. With the aim of reconciling couture and responsible production, the brand offers a unique look each month, made exclusively to order: a bold move, allowing the original fundamentals of couture and fashion to be anchored in modernity.

Audrey-Marie appeals therefore to committed women in search of refined pieces of the finest quality, but also of meaning and responsibility. 9 a.m. in Paris offers them creations with a design as sharp as it is timeless, with impeccable cut, finishes and fabrics, that they can wear for a long time, always with the same pleasure.

The materials are 100% natural: Oeko-Tex certified cotton or merino wool. They come from Italy where they are bought from the best Milanese houses. The 9 a.m. in Paris pieces are then entirely knitted in France, in Laval in Mayenne, with the greatest know-how, and only to order so as to avoid any waste.

Because true luxury can only be conceived in a sustainable way, the 9 a.m. in Paris creations will allow you to compose a wardrobe that is as essential as it is unique.