PAOLI is a new Italian brand specialize in luxury bags. It all began in 2017 as an idea of Alessio Paoli, he wanted to combine six basic concepts of his philosophy which is summed up in Made in Italy, Craftsmanship, Luxury,Sustainability, Art and Style to create an unique and inimitable work.  

PAOLI company produces exclusively in Tuscan. It combines the skill of local mastery with a global charm.

The workings were distinguished to the finesse, the quality of the leather used, the accuracy and the passion with which artisans carry out PAOLI products.

Craftsmanship is the keystone for Italian excellence in the world.

To this day isn't enough to offer valuable materials and sophisticated design, but it's necessary to offer the customers a personalization service all over the range of products, the care of every detail, the satisfaction of their varied needs, making them special, unique and pampered.

All this represents the concept of true luxury PAOLI.

An unmistakable and unique style able to combine beauty, refinement and artistic taste in a small work of art.

The feature of PAOLI brand is a timeless art, where quality meets an unique vision of luxury.

A balance between the past and the future, tradition and innovation. Hence his slogan: ”When luxury meets timeless elegance”.