ADT Paris – Knitwear with passion


ADT is a french hand-knitted and high range knitwear brand intended for women who like to wear beautiful products and give meaning to their wardrobe.

All models are created and developed by ADT studio in Paris: original, delicate, and feminine creations and still in the mood of the time. ADT only uses noble materials without artificial fibers, such as 100% kid mohair, alpaca, and merino.

ADT has chosen an entirely French production. The yarns come from French breeders and are spun by French spinning mills: a choice to promote and maintain the know-how of the wool industry in France and a way to work with respect for the environment and animals. Furthermore, passionate women hand-knitted ADT creations in France, making each piece truly unique.

ADT offers knitwear pieces with a history rich in encounters and passion that promote another vision of fashion: restoring the taste for beautiful things and quality, made responsibly and respectfully.