Le Parapluitier: French umbrellas, elegant, strong and sustainable.


Le Parapluitier is the adventure of a woman, Anne Donnay, who after 20 years working to develop strong brands decides to devote herself to her true passion, the umbrella. The accessory, its thousand-year-old history, its society evolution, its multiple variations and inventions, its craftsmanship: all this fascinates her!

But it is also the quest for beauty, authenticity and meaning that drives Anne, as well as a real desire to contribute to the preservation of historical French know-how that is now threatened to come to an end.

Each Le Parapluitier creation is indeed made in France: the promise for you to acquire an exceptional product, and this throughout the value chain up to the label and the customized shipping box designed in France!

A desire for beauty and purpose? A useful, meaningful and sustainable accessory that protects and celebrates French high-end elegance but above all rejuvenates a French history and heritage, and helps safeguard craftsmanship from handle to canvas? Then let yourself be seduced by these strong and durable umbrellas. It's up to you to choose which one will accompany you throughout your life with style and beauty in the street.


Did you know? Up to 10 million broken umbrellas are thrown away in France every year, without being recycled. Choosing a sustainable umbrella means reconciling ecology and elegance.


"I believe in the future of the sustainable French umbrella and parasol. My mission will be accomplished when citizens stop throwing their umbrellas with each downpour and (re) discover a personal connection to this useful everyday accessory. "

Anne Donnay, Founder of Le Parapluitier