Once upon a Time, Dressologie…

Elegance and Refinement. Originality and know-how. Ethics and Sincerity.

Welcome to the world of DRESSOLOGIE.

In the beginning was Beauty...

We all need Beauty. The fall of a dress, the red of a shoe, the sparkle of a jewel... So many clues that say a lot about us, our desires and our values. All our garments weave and tell a story, ours. Style and Beauty are essential to self-expression.

But how do we reconcile this need with the ecological and societal challenges of our time?

To give up that part of humanity that is Beauty?

To blindly advance on the destructive path of industrial fashion?

Because we are convinced that Fashion is worth the struggle, we set out in search of designers who share our love of Beauty and Style and who, like us, have at heart to produce with a sincere respect for nature, people and future generations.

A huge challenge! Months and months of research. Travels and meetings. Passions and stories. Smiles and indignation. A novel, what a quest!

DRESSOLOGIE, the Art and Science of a positive fashion

A year has gone by. A concept-store was born, DRESSOLOGIE, and with it another idea of modern feminine elegance. Passionate designers, exceptional craftsmen. A sincere, different and committed voice.

By rigorously selecting its designer-partners, DRESSOLOGIE combines luxury and ethics, chic and responsibility. Each brand embodies sincere values and commitments. Each creation brings its touch of refinement and illustrates authentic know-how. Each piece has a meaning.

One year has gone by and the - daring - bet has been won! With DRESSOLOGIE, Positive Fashion House, fashion has lost none of its charm, nor style of its sparkle. Better still, by striving for more beautiful fashion, we have discovered unseen treasures: exceptional talents, rare know-how, unique creations. We are happy to share these treasures with you today.

Our passion: ACT. For more beautiful Fashion.

Our values express a strong connection to Nature, to Humankind, to Beauty and a boundless admiration for human creativity.

The Earth and its inhabitants.

DRESSOLOGIE is deeply attached to RESPECT for the Earth and to CARING for all the living beings that inhabit it, both human and animal. These values are even stronger when applied to the women and men who work for the fashion industry.

The Human.

At DRESSOLOGIE, we believe that beauty is essential to humanity. Our dream is that of Positive Fashion, where every woman will be able to express her personality and her desire for Beauty in accordance with her values.

Beauty, Art and Craftsmanship.

Because fashion is also an art, DRESSOLOGIE defends aesthetics and promotes ELEGANCE and CREATIVITY which are expressed in the clothing choices. DRESSOLOGIE particularly encourages exceptional craftsmen, traditions and KNOW-HOW.